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Working with  a Virtual Assistant at VirtuAssist

Statistics show that employees actually cost 2 to 2.5 times their rate of pay when all their costs are included (taxes, benefits, equipment, non-productive working time, etc.). Since I am an independent contractor, you will not pay for any of the secondary compensation that most employers have to pay. You only pay for the time I am actually working for you.

My rates are $50 per hour billed in one-quarter hour increments. 

As your Virtual Assistant I am more than a temporary employee; I spend the time to learn and understand how your business works and can offer you a greater breadth of services than simple administrative assistants.


Rate Calculator

Compare the cost of working with VirtuAssist to full-time, in-office assistance:

What is the actual cost of a full-time, in-office assistant?

Assume a minimum of $25 per hour at 40 hours per week.

Over the course of year you're spending $48,000 on salary alone.

Add in the cost of health insurance, taxes, 401K, etc. at approximately 30-40% of salary and you're spending about $64,8000 annually for your full-time, in-house employee.

Don't forget the less obvious, and difficult to quantify, expenses such as overhead related to time and money spent filling and training your position, the cost of computers and other office technology, office space, lunch hours, sick and vacation pay, and numerous wasted, non-productive hours on the clock.